Monday, 14 February 2011


  So I've finally downloaded the photos off my camera from Paris. Having never visited Paris before I was excited about going and seeing all the sights and being a proper tourist!

I always think it's funny when you go to somewhere like London and it's full of foreign tourists trying to get snaps of everything they see. Well I guess thats how those chic Parisians thought of us when we went. While we were walking down The Champs -Elysées, I just had to get snaps of the designer shops; the frontage of the shops says it all, simple, chic and elegant- perhaps the definition of French fashion. We even ventured into Gucci to admire the beautiful bags, although I have to admit we were followed around from beginning to end.

The best window by far was Dior with those amazing dresses. How I'd love to be able to create something as magnificant as those. They're the kind of dresses girls grow up dreaming about, sigh and say to themselves "One day....."

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